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Want to see pictures and text in FULL HD magnification, live on your computer?
With IBIS FHD PRO you get the possibility of connecting the live view of  a magnified object on a computer.
Also, the image on screen appears in FULL HD, giving you an ultra-sharp image.
Are you using Windows 7 or 8? IBIS FHD PRO runs with TAGARNO VIEWER SOFTWARE!
When IBIS FHD PRO is connected to a computer with Windows and TAGARNO VIEWER SOFTWARE installed, you will see the image from IBIS FHD PRO live on your computer. DOWNLOAD TAGARNO VIEWER SOFTWARE
Do you use iOS? IBIS FHD PRO runs with FaceTime!
If you use the operating system iOS for Mac, it is recommended to use the application FaceTime to view the image live.
Switch between FULL HD and HD quality, depending on your computer specifications
If you want FULL HD images on the screen, your computer need to meet specific system requirements. You also have the option of adjusting IBIS FHD PRO to use HD quality and thereby be able to use the system with most computers with USB 3.0.
Features of IBIS FHD PRO:
  • The image is displayed directly on your desktop / laptop via a program on the computer.
  • You can also use your current TV- or computer screen to view the live image of a magnified object.
  • You get crisp, sharp images in FULL HD quality with high contrast, fine details and a good reading overview.
  • FULL HD gives you 20X optical zoom and up to 42,3x magnification on a 22" screen.
  • You can choose exactly the contrasting colors that best suits your vision.
  • You have the ability to control the system via a user-friendly small control box called MINI.
  • The system always starts up with the latest settings, making the system ready for use.
  • IBIS FHD PRO can easily be folded and taken around the house or brought on a trip.
    • Zoom +/-
    • Auto focus / Manual focus
    • Artificial colors, Negative
    • Artificial colors Positive
    • Full Color
    • Contrast adjustment in 3 steps
    • White balance in 2 steps
    • Fixedreading field
    • Video formats in 4 steps

Technical specifications

1.85 - 42,3x on a 22" FULL HD SCREEN
2,0 kg. / 4.4lbs
Camera resolution:
FULL HD 1080p, 1920x1080p at 59,94Hz
FULL HD 1080p, 1920x1080p at 50Hz
HD 720p, 1280x720p at 59,94Hz
HD 720p, 1280x720p at 50Hz
Camera zoom:
20x optical / 1,5x digital
Recommended screen format:
Mini HDMI and Micro USB 3.0
Monitor size: 
Total power consumption: 
15 W
Standby consumption:
0,8 W
Operating temperature:
0° to 50° (Recommended 10° to 40°)
Operating humidity:
10% to 80%


IBIS FHD PRO from TAGARNO can be used in many different contexts, and is perfect for use at home, for education or on the job, for anyone who need a vision aid which connects to the computer and provides a razor-sharp FULL HD image on screen.